El Conquistador - JP Rodrigues

João Paulo Rodrigues – or JP as he is known in his international career – inked his first professional tattoo at 19 years old. Born in Rio de Janeiro, JP was early drawn to the arts, with a great passion for music and painting. JP saw in tattoo a vehicle to express his love for creating, while developing the ever-important human connection that fuels his soul and inspires his art.

A lifelong student of the great works in Japanese tattooing and black-dominant tribal designs, JP has travelled the globe collaborating with renowned artists from tattoo’s various schools, always seeking a fine balance of the traditional and the contemporary.

JP’s combined life and professional experiences culminated in Acqua Santa Tattoo, private studios located in New York and Rio de Janeiro. Envisioned as a temple for all who have been touched by the art of tattoo, Acqua Santa is above all a place to create new memories, as vivid and lasting as if they had been inked onto one’s skin.

Named in 2010 among the top 100 most influential Brazilians in New York by Vogue Magazine, JP has received over 20 awards from some of the most reputable conventions in the world, including New York, Barcelona, Washington D.C., Atlantic City and Rochester.

João Paulo’s work has been featured internationally in over 30 tattoo publications, from United States to New Zealand.

QuarterMaster - Ania Jalosinska


Ania Jalosinska studies at the Fine Arts Academy of Wroclaw.  She mixes her work as a graphic designer with her job as a stylist, her creations finding buyers in Poland, the United
Kingdom and the United States.  And thats where she eventually lands.
Though working a third job in silkscreen printing, Ania finds the time and energy to train as a tattoo artist.  She starts naturally transferring the skills and knowledge of her backgrounds, from
creative methods to the cooperation with a client, to embracing the body as a specific constraint.
From carbon to fabric to skin, Ania sews her tattoos step by step and assembles the pieces directly on the flash.  Her disheveled style is pumped with a vigorous energy, and takes hold of
unfinished silhouettes, unstitched, frayed by the energetic motion.  Her filamentous lines serve as a veritable common thread and a constant reminder of her interest in high fashion.  The tailor
chalk used to mark her fabrics here draws the dotted line on which the colour palette used in the

Ania Jalosinska splits her time between guest spots, conventions, […], and Warsaw, her home town.

First Mate - Andre Juliani

Screen Shot 2018-01-01 at 23.39.34.png

Born and raised in the massive metropolis of São Paulo, Brazil, AJ moved to US in 2013, previously in Florida before the move to the Big Apple, he worked in the well known Tattoo Blues.

Dedicated into music and skateboarding during his early ages, now he has five years tattooing even though he has been involved in the tattoo industry since his teenage years getting his tattoos and drawing. He got most of his work by the legendary artist Ivan Szazi which years later was the one who proudly invited him for an apprenticeship in his very famous studio in back home, Four Elements.

Finally In New York, AJ worked 3 years in Supernova Tattoo, Astoria and a year in NY Heart & Dagger, Brooklyn until finally joined the MotherShip of the ACST Family.

BoatSwain -  Leandro Nascimbene


Gunner - Klever Lliguipuma


Cooper - Christine Polcyn